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A world-class group of boutique fertility centres that assists you in realizing your dreams of conceiving a baby.

Sunfert International provides a complete range of fertility services, investigations and treatments, advanced reproductive keyhole surgery and fertility wellness programmes at an affordable cost, offering value and good outcome.

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Our Promise

Our philosophy is simple: to provide an effective and affordable fertility care in a personalised manner.

Why Sunfert International Fertility Centre?

Effective Fertility Care

Our pregnancy rates are comparable to top centres in the region. With the most optimal protocol and equipment, we ensure that you will have the best chance of pregnancy with us.
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World Class Infrastructure

One of the largest stand-alone fertility centre in Malaysia, with certified Clean Room complex housing 4 IVF laboratories and 2 operating theatres. Other facilities include private counselling bays, VIP lounge, coffee bar and roof-top garden.
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Sunfert Wellness

An integrated program to help couples maintain their emotional and physical balance as part of their fertility journey.
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Multiple Locations

On top of our flagship centre Sunfert@ Bangsar South, we have now established three new locations in West Malaysia.
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Cutting Edge Technology

We strive to be the most technologically advanced fertility centre in Malaysia. Sunfert International is the first in the country to offer NextGen Sequencing and Time-lapse Imaging.
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International Patients

With full concierge services, international careline and care-mail. We have a dedicated International Customer Facilitator to assist you.
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Affordable Fertility Care

Your comfort and needs are our priority. Find out more on our all-inclusive packages.
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Our Location

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Preimplantation Genetics

Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Preimplantation Genetic Testing refers to procedures performed to determine the normality of the embryo prior to implantation to prevent a pregnancy affected by a genetic condition or chromosomal disorder.

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Time-lapse Imaging

Time-lapse embryo imaging is a non-invasive embryo selection technique which involves taking thousands of pictures of the growing embryos during incubation to study the milestones of embryo development.

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NextGen IVF

NextGen IVF an innovative approach that incorporates the latest technological advances available to date to select the most optimal embryo to implant, maximising the clinical outcomes.

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Advanced Reproductive Keyhole Surgery

Reproductive surgery is performed as a diagnostic procedure to find out the cause of infertility when no apparent reasons are obvious. It is also performed to treat infertility with the aim of restoring the reproductive organs to normal.

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Sunfert Wellness

Sunfert Wellness is an integrated programme dedicated to helping couples maintain their emotional and physical balance as part of their journey to fertility.

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Free Mini-Consultation and Tour of the Centre

Book a mini-consultation which is useful for the couple who have just started trying for a baby or couples who wanted a second opinion and best of all, it’s complimentary.

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Meet Our Team

With our dedicated and highly-trained team comprising fertility experts, embryologists, fertility counsellors and nurses, you know you are in good hands. Trying for a baby? Come conceive your dreams with us!

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