Choosing an IVF centre is probably your most important decision.

Many factors are crucial to the success of the IVF Programme.

The centre that you choose should have the following :

  • Well trained and experienced team of clinicians, embryologists, counsellors and fertility nurses who are easily accessible 24/7
  • Well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, proper laboratory clean rooms with HEPA filtration and ancillary facilities such as Laser Assisted Hatching, freezing programme and PGD
  • In-house qualified embryologists who are highly technical and skilled with stringent checks and quality control of the IVF lab
  • Affordable all inclusive package price with no hidden charges and installment payment
  • Well proven track record of high success rates
  • Provide a comprehensive fertility management including keyhole reproductive surgery provided by our own doctors
  • Runs a large IVF programme of at least 600 cases per year to benefit from the economy of scale cost reduction and accumulation of experience
  • An excellent vitirfication (freezing) programme as we now recognize that success rates in the thaw cycle is as good if not better than the fresh cycle. Also the centre should be able to transfer fewer embryos knowing that the frozen embryos do just as well!

Sunfert fulfils all the above! At Sunfert, we breathe and live fertility!

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