When either the male or female partner is unable to produce sperm or eggs for fertility treatments, Sunfert can assist you in getting a suitable egg or sperm donor.

[ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa-male” background=”#ff9c2c” headline=”Male Partner” shape=”round” last=”false”]If the male partner has no sperm in the ejaculate due to Primary Testicular Failure (defective sperm production), the couple can opt to choose donated sperm from our sperm bank for fertility treatments. This involves fertilization of the female partner’s eggs with sperm from the sperm donor either using artificial insemination or IVF. In IVF, the resulting embryos are then replaced into the female partner’s womb. [/ut_service_column]

Female Partner

As for egg donation, the donor’s eggs are retrieved after ovarian hyperstimulation and are then fertilized by conventional IVF or ICSI. The resulting embryos are then replaced into the female partner’s womb allowing the woman to carry the child to term. As the donor is young and the recipient’s womb is more receptive, the success rate is about 70%.

All donors have been screened and are in good health.

The donor and recipient are matched as closely as possible, taking into account their physical characteristics and blood group. The donation is anonymous and is reserved for non-muslims only.


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