Our scientists and doctors are involved in fertility research and development to make treatment more effective and safe. 

This work is across our clinics in Malaysia and New Zealand, as well as collaborative work with other clinics overseas to ensure we continue to deliver world-class care. Our fertility research ranges from ‘blue sky’ science to very practical projects with immediate benefits. 

Our major research partner in New Zealand is the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Auckland. We also work with the Liggins Institute and the Department of Psychology at the University of Auckland, and the School of Biological Sciences at Victoria University.

Areas of research over the past decade
  • Can we measure DNA in culture media as an alternative to embryo biopsy to screen for chromosome abnormalities?
  • Can we improve the prediction of time lapse photography of embryos by looking at gene expression of the eggs supporting cells?
  • What do mitochondria in eggs and their supporting cells tell us about the aging of eggs?
  • How does temperature change in embryo culture dishes and during embryo handing in the IVF lab? Work by Dr Sophie Blomfield as part of her PhD thesis in association with the Department of Bioprocess Engineering, Massey University.
  • Continuous improvement in IVF clinics under the RTAC accreditation system
  • Falling sperm quality in NZ men over 25 years
  • Lifestyle changes people make before IVF treatment – do they make sense?
  • Growth and metabolism of children conceived after IVF, frozen embryos and ovulation induction. Several papers with the Liggins Institute.
  • Why do patients give up on IVF treatment?