Save your healthy eggs now
to be a mother later.

Get RM4000 off on our Egg Freezing Package this October 2020. 


How do I freeze my eggs?

Stimulation of Ovaries

Using hormones to mimic our body's way to mature eggs.

Retrieve Eggs

Women undergo a procedure where a doctor collects eggs with a fine needle via your vaginal wall. No stitches, takes only 15 minutes.


Eggs are 'quick-freeze' with liquid nitrogen and stored in our state-of-art lab.

Your Fertility, for the Future.

It's now affordable & easy.

At Sunfert, Egg Freezing Package which includes one cycle and a year of storage costs RM12,800 (3000 USD). Women self-administer hormones and require minimal monitoring.

Best age to freeze is before 35.

Younger women have healthier and more eggs. Take this opportunity to plan your fertility timeline. Do it as early as possible to have a peace of mind for better fertility after.

Your eggs are safe in our basket.

Sunfert has always been at the forefront of medical technology. Once frozen, your eggs will remain at this state indefinitely in our state of the art, in-house lab.

[Egg Freezing is] a luxury not only from a price perspective, but from a family planning—timing—perspective.
Emily Weiss
Founder & CEO of Glossier

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