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At Sunfert International, we are truly committed to our cause of helping couples conceive their dreams. Withdrawal of EPF Account 2 for Fertility Treatment proved to be an invaluable financial solution for couples needing fertility treatment.

Malaysians & Non-Malaysians

As long as the patient has made contribution to EPF (Employment Provision Fund), they are eligible for withdrawal of EPF for IVF.

Savings in Account 2

Patient should have sufficient savings in their EPF Account 2 to cover the cost of fertility treatment.


Only the above treatments are allowed for withdrawal of EPF, including associated medical equipment and medications.

Below 55 Years & Married

Couple has to be legally married and the woman has to be below the age of 55. A proof of marriage certification is required.

Choose the Perfect Plan.

At Sunfert, we want to give patients a peace of mind, hassle-free IVF journey. In order to simplify the process of EPF Withdrawal for IVF, let’s take you through our 3 payment pathways.

Pay First Then Claim

Apply Then Start

*To be announced later

Cashless Pathway

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Category 1: Patients who have savings in EPF Account 2 for full treatment cost.

Have the choice of withdrawing the full cost before treatment or claim from EPF after. If it is time-sensitive, proceed with treatment regardless and let EPF reimburse Sunfert directly to experience a Cashless IVF.


Category 2: Patients who have savings in EPF Account 2 for partial treatment cost.

Cover the remaining cost Out of Pocket or credit card financing. At Sunfert, we provide 6 month installment (0% interest) credit card payment. Terms and Conditions apply.


Now Every Couple Can Afford IVF

Learn about our alternative financial solutions, both full and partial financing.

With you, every step of the way.

Our dedicated EPF services are there to ensure you a hassle-free journey with a peace of mind. It is truly our mission to help you conceive your dreams with us.

EPF Support Team

Our team is here to make it possible. We are constantly in touch with EPF for latest updates and best practices for a successful application. 

Express Document Prep

Wondering how to go about forms, medical reports, invoices? Especially in cases where fertility treatment is time-sensitive, let’s speed up the process.

Financial Solutions

When there’s a will, there’s a way. With our financial solutions and exclusive partnerships, let us help you achieve your dreams of a building a family.

Let's help you get started.

A little overwhelmed? Start with these 3 steps and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Download Form KWSP (9D) and Checklist

This is the main application form (click above). Should you require help completing the form, please reach out to Sunfert's EPF Support Team.

Prepare Documents for Verification

These include copies of the couple's Identification Card (IC) or Passport, Account 2 Saving Statements, and Marriage Certificate.

Book An Appointment with Sunfert

Within the first consultation at Sunfert, you'll be able to obtain a medical report (Form LPP-2) and invoice of treatment cost, both required by EPF.

Prefer to speak to EPF Support Team?

Our dedicated EPF Support Team in Sunfert are the best people to answer any and all of your queries regarding Withdrawal of EPF for Fertility Treatment. Please leave your contact below and we will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fertility Treatment Withdrawal is an initiative implemented under the expansion of the EPF’s Health Withdrawal facility. This withdrawal initiative was introduced during the Budget 2020 announcement to help Malaysians who wish to seek for fertility treatment while easing the financial burden that comes with its high cost.

The current eligibility criteria under the Health Withdrawal facility applies along with the following additional requirements:
i. The types of fertility treatments allowed are IUI, IVF & ICSI;
ii. Only legally married couples are allowed to apply;
iii. Treatment is received at local Medical Institutes only.

Both Malaysians and Non-Malaysians are eligible as long as they are contributors to the EPF and have savings in Account 2.

i. Full sponsorship
Member who have received full sponsorship from the employer or any organisation/agency, is not eligible for this withdrawal;

ii. Partial sponsorship
If the member/spouse receives partial sponsorship, the member/spouse is only eligible to apply for the difference between the cost of treatment and the amount of sponsorship, or the balance of Account 2 savings (whichever is lower).

There is no pre-determined frequency period for patients to apply for the Fertility Treatment Withdrawal. Approval of application is subject to the availability of savings balance in Account 2, similar to the one stipulated in the current requirements for Health Withdrawal.

No. Currently, this withdrawal is limited for own self or spouses only.

The main payment method for Fertility Treatment Withdrawal is direct credit to the bank account.

No. Patients are eligible to make withdrawal only for critical illnesses and for fertility treatments approved by the EPF.

No. Procedures other than the 3 above are non-claimable. Examples of non-claimable procedures are Colorado Protocol, IMSI and ERA.

Withdrawal for Fertility Treatment is unlimited and open to subsequent births subject to current conditions.

Supporting documents that need to be submitted are as follows:
ii. Medical report from medical institution;
iii. Proof of relationship between member and spouse such as marriage certificate;
iv. Bill/receipt of treatment.

Patients will be required to cover remaining cost with personal savings (Out Of Pocket or with credit card financing. For more information, do consult Sunfert’s EPF Support Team for further financial solutions.

Yes. Cancellation of application can be made as per current procedure.

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