Fertility Preservation

Our egg, sperm and embryo freezing program gives you greater reproductive choice through fertility preservation.

Your fertility, for the future.

There are many reasons to freeze eggs, sperm, embryos or ovarian tissue and we now have the technology to do it safely for prolonged periods without damaging the quality or survival.

We use an innovative method called vitrification, a type of rapid freezing that protects the integrity of the egg, sperm or embryo. In the past, tissues are frozen using “slow freeze” method where the tissue survival is only about 60% upon thawing due to the formation of ice crystals in the cells.

The vitrification method, however, prevents the formation of damaging ice crystals by freezing the eggs, sperm, and embryos in an instant. Upon thawing at a later date, the eggs and embryos survive virtually intact.

Once the eggs, sperm or embryos are frozen, we store them in our laboratory where they are held until you are ready to build a family.

Given that fertility declines with age, egg freezing allows women to preserve their fertility without the pressures of their biological clock.

Women may also consider egg freezing when they are about to undergo medical treatment which can affect their fertility, like chemotherapy. Women can freeze their healthy unfertilised eggs until they are ready to begin a family.

In the egg freezing programme, women undergo a series of egg stimulation injections similar to the standard IVF programme. The eggs are harvested and frozen using vitrification method and stored in liquid nitrogen. Some women choose to have more than one cycle of freezing to ensure there are enough eggs to be frozen for use at a later stage. The best age for egg freezing is the early 30s or younger, certainly before the age of 40 if possible.

Men may consider sperm freezing if they:

  • are about to undergo medical treatments that can affect their fertility, such as chemotherapy
  • have a medical condition which affects the quality of their sperm
  • are unable to be present at the time of insemination
  • are in high-risk occupation or sports that can potentially affect/damage their reproductive system

Freezing sperm is a simple process. Once frozen, it is stored in our laboratory until it is ready to be used.

If your IVF treatment produces several embryos, they can be frozen, stored and used at a later date. This allows you to try for another baby at a later date without going through the IVF egg stimulation process. The beauty of embryo freezing is that it yields similar results to fresh IVF cycles. We offer embryo freezing as part of our standard IVF treatment.

Ovarian tissue freezing helps women who are about to undergo cancer treatment to preserve their fertility. As treatments like radiotherapy or chemotherapy causes infertility, ovarian tissue freezing helps to preserve healthy issue that can be reimplanted back into the body after cancer treatment. Studies show that knowing you can conceive after cancer treatment gives you the strength and motivation to fight cancer and withstand challenges.

Women undergoing extensive surgery for removal of benign ovarian cysts may also choose this programme to freeze excess ovarian tissues that may be otherwise discarded.

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