Positive Thinking is a Choice

If you have chosen to read this article, you are most likely intrigued by this statement and you want to know more or you are not surprised by it but you are struggling to keep up with it. The aim is to help you get positive emotions which will hopefully lead to an enjoyable road to having a baby, not the other way around.

Instead of being hopeful and optimistic, a lot of us gets stuck in states of anxiousness, anger and sadness. All these emotions do have a common outcome, they generate lots of stress hormones in our body which we want to avoid during a fertility journey. Thus, how can we stay positive and have the emotions we desire? How can it be a choice?

We can choose how to think

We make choices in our whole life without us realising. We make a choice to wake up in the morning, a choice to earn a living, a choice to have a spouse and a choice to be happy during festive seasons. Actually, happiness is an emotional state, including joy and positive thinking, that we consciously make and need constant effort to create in order for it to happen, just like any business.

Similarly, in breathing, we make an effort to breathe but we are so used to breathing subconsciously. Nobody in this world is obligated to make us happy. That life mission belongs to us, our choice, our effort and soon it will become habitual, just like breathing. When we face difficulty to breathe, we find a way to resume comfortable breathing one way or another instead of complaining. Why can’t we make the similar decision when facing life challenges like fertility journey?

Let the fertility doctors take charge of your medical needs while you take charge of your emotional needs. Together we strive for success.

In a fertility journey, you will certainly face ups and downs, just like parenting when you eventually become a parent. It is what attitude you choose to take; life is full of challenges and choices to be made. It is common for people to live in the duality world of all or nothing. Don’t expect yourself to achieve 100% in positive thinking, but you should aim for a 51%, a passing mark, and then slowly improve over the time until it becomes habitual.

When you are undertaking this fertility journey with a positive attitude, you are making a decision to enjoy this journey and this episode of life can pass with relative ease. After this, whether you are choosing to take action or not, you are already making a choice.


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