Side Effects of A.R.T

A.R.T is a very safe treatment programme. There are now over five million babies born in the world from A.R.T. When assessing the risk of A.R.T, one must understand that in terms of fetal anomalies, there is only an increase of 0.2% from the background risk.

Other risks are like the risk of pelvic infection after egg collection (<0.5%), which is rare due to use the antibiotics. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is not commonly seen nowadays due to the use the antagonist protocol and a drug called GnRH agonist to trigger egg maturity.

Fortunately, the most common outcome of A.R.T in Sunfert is a pregnancy. Be assured that we will try our very best to ensure that you have a favourable outcome. We wish you every success!

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