TTC: 10 Fertility Tips for Men

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Here are 10 Fertility Tips for Men. Although a woman will carry and deliver the baby, a man also has a crucial role in pregnancy.  In order for fertilisation to occur naturally, the sperm must be healthy and strong to reach
and penetrate the woman’s egg.

Myth: Infertility only affects women.
Fact: Infertility affects both men and women

  1. Lose Weight: An ideal BMI increases testosterone, improving sperm count and libido.
  2. Reduce Smoking: Smoking has been proven to reduce one’s fertility.
  3. Take A Break from Biking: Biking over 12 hours per week puts added stress on testis.
  4. Skip the Hot Tub: Your sperms need to stay cool to perform their best.
  5. Keep the Laptop off the Lap: Heat raises sperm temperature and reduces sperm count.
  6. Acupuncture: It may improve sperm count and quality.
  7. Skip Lubricant During Sex: Non-fertility friendly lubricant makes it harder for sperm to swim and may even kill them.
  8. Watch a Sexy Movie: It boosts testosterone and improves quality & number of sperm.
  9. Have Sex Once a Day: Especially during ovulation – abstinence over one day decreases sperm mobility.
  10. Reduce Alcohol Intake: Excessive alcohol intake has been proven to decrease sperm motility, shape and quality.

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