Wellness in Fertility

You have made the emotional, physical and financial commitment to conceive a child, and you deserve to enjoy a calm and relaxing procedure and have the highest possible chance of success.

We believe that the path to parenthood is a journey. Before one embarks on this journey, one might want to consider having some preparation in the form of overall wellness in order to have the most pleasant experience and optimal outcome in this journey. In our effort to focus on patient-centeredness care, we are committed to make Sunfert Wellness an integral part of our fertility programme.

Sunfert International invests in ensuring the wellbeing of our fertility patients. By having our own in-house wellness programme, we ensure that our patients receive the highest standard and most reliable holistic support programme while pursing the fertility journey with us. Patients will be free from worrying whether the holistic treatment modal will be in conflict with the western medicine modal. In terms of convenience, patients no longer need to rush or travel in order to receive this holistic treatment as they can have all these done in the comfort of our new Bangsar South facility.

Sunfert Wellness offers a variety of services to complement the fertility treatment. The components of Sunfert Wellness are as follows, and we strive to continue to expand our wellness programme.


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