Time-Lapse Imaging photographs each embryo every 10 minutes to capture developmental milestones that are missed when embryos are only inspected once per day.

Benefits of Time-Lapse Imaging:

  • Picks up unusual and detrimental events that escape a daily snap-shot inspection.
  • Identifies 10-15% of embryos with very low potential.
  • Several studies show that Time-Lapse Imaging increases the chance of pregnancy using the first embryo transferred by up to 10%.
  • Embryos are not removed from their incubator, therefore they develop in an uninterrupted environment.

Who can benefit from Time-Lapse Imaging?

  • People who expect to have several good quality embryos to choose from.
  • People who have had low quality embryos previously and want more information about their embryo development.

Useful to know:

  • Embryo selection with Time-Lapse Imaging does not increase the overall chance of a baby from all the embryos available, but it can reduce the time to pregnancy by giving a better choice of which embryo to use first.

Embryoscope Imaging below! 

Imagery from Time-Lapse Imaging

Photo imagery from Time-Lapse Imaging