Withdrawal of EPF Account 2 for Fertility Treatment has proven to be an invaluable financial solution for many couples needing fertility treatment.

Who can use EPF for Fertility:
  • Malaysians & Non-Malaysians: As long as the patient has made contribution to EPF (Employment Provision Fund), they are eligible for withdrawal of EPF for IVF.
  • Savings in Account 2: Patients should have sufficient savings in their EPF Account 2 to cover the cost of fertility treatment.
  • IUI, IVF, & ICSI only: are the only treatments allowed for withdrawal of EPF, including associated medical equipment and medications.
  • Below 50 & Married: A couple has to be legally married and the woman has to be below the age of 50. Proof of marriage certification is required.

2 simple ways to pay with EPF:

At Sunfert, we want to give patients a peace of mind, hassle-free IVF journey. In order to simplify the process of EPF Withdrawal for IVF, let’s take you through our payment pathways.


1. Pay and Claim

2. Cashless

Experience a Cashless IVF with EPF:  

3 steps to get started: 

  1. Download the Main Application Form - KWSP (9D) and Checklist here - This is the main application form. Should you require help completing the form, please reach out to Sunfert's EPF Support Team using the form below.
  2. Prepare documents for Verification you can log in to your kwsp account here. These include:
      • Copies of the couple's Malaysian Identification Card (MyKad)
      • Marriage Certificate 
      • KWSP (9D) Form
      • EPF Account 2 Statement which will be verified by our EPF Support Team on your next visit before starting treatment.
      • Letter from the company confirming that the patient/patient's spouse whoever is withdrawing from EPF that fertility treatment is not covered under the company's medical insurance coverage
      • Must have sufficient funds to cover the cost of treatment recommended by the specialist and must be eligible for withdrawal from EPF Account 2  
      • Prepare the above-listed documents before commencing treatment
  3. Book a first consultation with SunfertAfter fully complete of your treatment , you will be able to obtain a medical report (Form LPP-2) and invoice of treatment cost, both required by EPF.
  4. Check out our EPF FAQ's here  
EPF for fertility treatment

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