The Biological Clock will tell you:

    1. your chance of pregnancy leading to a live birth per month, if you had no fertility problems
    2. the chance if you had an IVF cycle at the same age.
    3. It also suggests when to seek help if you have been trying for months, with no success in becoming pregnant.

How to use the Biological Clock:

  • choose your age
  • the number of months you have been trying to have a baby.

But if you are worried we suggest talking to one of our team – either a Doctor’s appointment or a Mini Consultation.

The Biological Clock is one of the many tools that can be used to assess your chances of having a baby.

If you are concerned at any stage – we recommend booking a doctor's appointment or a mini consultation. The sooner you make a plan the better your chances in the long term.

When to seek advice early

  • If you have polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, or have been through a cancer diagnosis; we recommend you to get in touch quickly so we can talk you through all your options and give you the greatest possible chance of success.
  • If you’re a single woman considering motherhood in the future; it’s best to approach us early and consider egg freezing as this can be an option for you while you have a higher ovarian reserve and healthier eggs. More here