What is egg freezing? 

Egg freezing involves all the steps of an IVF cycle up to and including egg collection. Eggs are then frozen by a method called vitrification. When the woman wants to use the eggs, they will be thawed, and she will resume the second half of an IVF cycle –adding sperm to the eggs, embryo transfer, and freezing any spare embryos. 

Who freezes their eggs?

  • We see women aged from mid 20's through to early 40's
  • Single women who have not met the right person just yet or
  • Women in relationships, where maybe they are not ready  
Find out more about the logistics and biology of egg freezing here.

When is the right time? 

The right time to try to have a baby depends on your unique circumstances. It's an incredibly personal decision. You may be single, in a relationship or married. If you're not in a position to try for a baby now, egg freezing may be an option to help preserve your fertility.

It's easy to take the first step

To get started, we recommend you make an appointment to talk with a fertility specialist. At this consultation, the specialist will explain options and help you form an initial plan. He or she will also arrange some initial screening tests to assess your fertility. 

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