Best time for sex

18 May 2021

When is the best time for sex?

Yes, you’re right! When you’re in the mood. But no! This is not just about that if you’re trying for a baby. It is all about timing, timing, timing.

If you have regular cycles of about 26 to 28 days, ovulation usually occurs around day 13 or 14 of your cycle. The egg that is released survives up to 24 hours while the sperm can live up to three days in the female reproductive tract.

Your most fertile window, where sex is most likely to lead to pregnancy is two to three days before you ovulate. That’s right, you should have sex before you ovulate, not after, when you are trying to become pregnant. As easy guide would be to have sex on day 11, 13 and 15 of your cycle. You will almost certainly hit your most fertile moment!

But if you have irregular cycles, this will not work, as it is likely that you are not ovulating. If you wish, please arrange an appointment to see us for further assessment.

All the best!