Mr. CT Ong

Licensed & Registered Counsellor (MindBody Fertility)

Having personally struggled with fertility issues in his first six years of marriage, Mr Ong is no stranger to the anxiety and stress of trying to conceive. A father of three today, Mr Ong draws inspiration from his own experiences, left his high-flying career in Engineering and dedicates himself to helping couples achieve a calm, peaceful and positive attitude during their IVF journey. 

He holds a Masters in Counselling and he is a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner specialising in Fertility. Trained by the internationally-renowned Lynsi Eastburn, Mr Ong was certified by the US National Guild Hypnotists Board in 2009. A lifelong learner, he went on to pursue several coaching and hypnofertility certification courses locally and abroad.

As a Licensed & Registered Counsellor from the Open University Malaysia, Mr Ong frequently handles relationship issues resulting from fertility challenges. He heads Sunfert Wellness, a fertility wellness support programme which synergistically complements Sunfert International’s fertility treatments.

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